Did you say "A Fashion Truck?!"

Two questions we often get asked are:  What is a fashion truck and why did Sparrow choose to launch a fashion truck?

A fashion truck is simply a fully outfitted, self contained, mobile boutique filled with a carefully chosen selection of women’s clothing and accessories. Complete with an adorable changing room. It opens from the back and has stairs that lead up to a light and bright mobile boutique space.

Imagine the perfect road trip with your best friend doing something you both love and are passionate about.

As a mother and daughter team with each trip we get to hop up into “The Sparrow” as we affectionately refer to our 1983 GMC customized 22’ by 8’ truck, start ‘er up, and travel scenic roads with a constantly changing location where we meet a variety of amazing people on our travels.

As we share your parties, events and lives, each pop up is an intentional and unforgettable moment in time. That’s why Sparrow chose a fashion truck. It is a unique and personal way to bring our dream of a boutique to life and directly to you where you are.

And something else we often get asked: “Are you having fun?” And to that we offer a line from the song that inspired our Sparrow name: “I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free.”

It is the perfect road trip every time!