Dreams: They're Possible

Do you have a dream? A passion? That little thing that keeps nagging at you from the corner of your heart. That little thing that seems to be getting bigger and bigger the more you entertain it as an actual idea. Or possibly it’s getting smaller, so small that you don’t exactly remember having it and feel as though it could be lost forever.

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The thing about living in America and having a dream is that we tend to think on a large scale. Or that a dream has to be lucrative to matter. It has to be an all or nothing endeavor to really make an impact.

But that’s just not true.

A dream can actually be something that only matters to you. A dream can be something silly to others or even to yourself. A dream can be really small.

The thing that matters is that you don’t ignore it. You have interests and passions that are uniquely yours. We need you to pursue them. Imagine if that teacher who made you feel seen and important didn’t follow her dream. That mechanic who fixed that thingy in your engine that was making that clanging sound, didn’t pursue what interests him. That mom that always had fresh baked cookies and a listening ear at your best friends’ house didn’t listen to her heart to stay home when she felt the pressure to go out and “make something of herself”. When you follow your dreams, passions, and heart you can actually save lives. When you know who you are and what you were created for you will live an authentic life filled with joy.

We have met the most amazing women in the past 6 months of our Sparrow adventure! These are women that live here, in our community. They are doctors, music teachers, saleswomen, artists, hair stylists, students and much more. They are funny, intelligent, and warm. They are starting to see what we see when they look in the mirror.

They are beautiful women that are making a difference and we get to be a part of that. We listen to your stories of love and hurt. We laugh together and drink champagne. We get to celebrate your journey to health and show you that you in fact can fit into those jeans now. When you walk across that stage to collect that diploma you will be wearing a little piece of Sparrow and we hope that it will remind you that you are a woman. That you are seen, capable, gentle, opinionated, beautiful, and loved, just as you are, right now, today.

Our dream is to see the women of this county step into the fullness of who they are and look fabulous while doing it. This is not a huge dream. We are not ending world hunger or curing diseases, we will not be in Forbes Fortune 500. But we are doing something. We are pursuing one of our passions. And we are making a difference however small it may be.

You can too.

Do you feel stuck?

Maybe start with taking a minute to think about what you love and go from there. There will always be excuses, obstacles, mountains to climb and naysayers. BUT there will also be reasons, open doors, accomplishments and encouragement. Very rarely do things get handed to us. We work hard, we make mistakes and we take risks. And let me tell you, it’s worth it. You can’t fail because even failure is an opportunity to grow. So get to it! Use your voice, your hands and feet, your muscles and your brain, and your talents and creativity. You are here on this planet, on this day, in your corner of the world for a reason, don’t miss it!