October Notions

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Buttons are simple, often utilitarian, objects that millions take for granted. Maybe you are like me and grew up with a large glass jar of a growing collection of buttons our mothers kept from some of their fashion favorites?

I have an antique bowl filled with these "notions" from my childhood home, that as I sift through them, bring memories of a mother who was the original fashion maven in our family.

If you look closely you will see a large green corduroy button in the bunch and that may not mean much to you, but as it rests in my palm, I see my mother in a 1960's era swing coat that matched that button with a rich golden lining. Oh, what I would give to see her sweep into room in that coat in all of her ever evolving fashion glory.

Whether it is an old worn flannel shirt or a pair of overalls faded from hours in the garden that I have kept of my dad's or a bakelite button from one of my mother's beautiful dresses or coats, what we wear becomes an extension of our lives in ways beyond what we can ever imagine and are held so close to the heart.

Andrea and I are heading out on a buying trip to one of the biggest markets on the West Coast and we are as excited as can be. We will be looking for unique pieces with an eye for details so that your Sparrow favorites become a part of your story and images and memories for you and your loved ones.