Our Collection

We carefully handpick every item that we sell in our truck and online store, with you, our beautiful customer in mind. Our desire is for every woman who shops with Sparrow to have the chance to find an expression of themselves represented. We choose our items with a careful eye, looking for quality and something special in each item, while always keeping your pocketbook in mind. We believe that you should not have to break the bank to look and feel your absolute best.

We have a unique ability to pull from a wide range of styles being that we are a mother/daughter team. Our individual styles are not the same, but do nicely compliment each other. And we both dress from the truck/website. We have had women as young as 16 and as mature as 80 purchase outfits from us. We attract women that are from all walks of life. Doctors, athletic instructors, stay at home mamas, nurses, teachers, lawyers, sales associates, hair dressers, entrepreneurs, music instructors, the list goes on and on.

Sparrow clothing and accessories represent something from your past and a piece of your future. Something that used to be, that you thought you wouldn’t be able to find again. Whether that be a style of jeans or something resonating within your soul.

Our pieces are to be part of your story. The item you choose because it makes you feel warm and cozy when you feel cold and lonely. The item you choose as a reward after working so hard to get healthy, that represents a new way of life, like a marker in time separating how you used to treat your body and how you will from here on out.

Our collection is beautiful but our favorite part is seeing it on you! It brings our vision to life. The one that can only be created together, with you. It’s a tapestry filled with color and texture and life. Fashion is the only art that you can walk around in, breathe in and live in.

We can’t wait for you to be able to shop Sparrow online! Stay tuned for the launch of our online store!