Friends - These are unprecedented times. Like many other very small shops and family owned businesses, our ability to ‘do business’ relies on our being able to gather. We miss gathering with all of you.

While sheltering inside, many of us find ourselves going through closets and setting aside clothes and items to donate when we can all leave our homes again. Once you make room for new things, consider browsing our online store which we have stocked with some beautiful favorites from our Spring/Summer collection.

It may not seem like it, but one day we will be able to be together again. To shop, talk, celebrate, and hug even! ;) Until then, our online store is filled with beautiful items for you to shop from home or enjoy some time browsing to keep up on what is new in at Sparrow. Our hope is that this will bring you something happy and lighthearted to engage with.

We will continue to stock new items from our Spring/Summer collection in the coming days as we consider the response and feedback we get from you, our loyal customers.

We want to thank those of you who have already reached out and have supported us as we make this pivot and find the best way forward for our business that is both sensitive to the serious issues facing us and that is wise.

We are all finding connections through technology more than ever and we want to know how you are. Let us know! Give us feedback on Social Media if you are there. We want to know how best to serve you during this time and until we meet again.

There is hope and something really beautiful happening right now in the people of this world. We don’t want to miss the goodness.